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Complimentary analyst report: Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2024 and Beyond 
“AI” was the biggest buzzword of 2023. So how does it now fit into our future, and should executives be taking a closer look?

This Gartner® analyst report explores questions like this, providing valuable predictions and insights for executive leaders.


Reddit for Brands: Navigating the Front Page of the Internet 
Should brands use Reddit? And if yes, how should they use it? 

In this article, we'll explore whether brands should use Reddit, how to use it effectively, and what key considerations they should consider when engaging in this space.



Social media engagement: What is it and how to improve yours
Measuring value and engagement on social media isn’t a new concept to marketers. With current economic headwinds and increased pressures to prove ROI, social measurement has become paramount for marketers everywhere.

When marketers understand precisely what resonates the most with their audiences, they can better tailor their content strategy to turn brand followers into brand advocates.


Marketing Release Notes 
There was an issue with the Instagram API, causing Instagram Stories metrics to show zero Impressions and Reach incorrectly. 

The underlying issue has been resolved, and the accurate number of Impressions and Reach will be updated as soon as we receive the data from the API.



Close the loop with Khoros Care for your CRM
If CRM systems are the brain of any customer-first brand, its heart is the customer support software that delivers lasting customer experiences.

The NEW CRM Connector enables agents to manage CRM records and cases while managing omnichannel customer conversations


Agent Assist feedback in Care
In the Agent Assist area of a conversation, agents can now submit feedback regarding Agent Assist. This enables them to indicate whether module/widget content is helpful, unhelpful, incorrect, or missing information. 

Agents can also choose to submit overall feedback on the feature.


New Post column filters
With this release, the Manage View Post column now has three new filters: First Post, Reply, and Any Post or Reply for specific source channels: Khoros Community, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

These Manage View filters work only on specific channels, as these channels allow us to distinguish between parent posts and corresponding replies. 


Achieve operational efficiency and customer service excellence
Catch up on this 40-minute discussion with customer experience experts Audrey William and Wendy Mikkelsen. They look into how an integrative contact center approach enhances adaptability, real-time decision-making, and operational control to meet the constantly evolving customer experience standards


4 Examples of Great Online Communities & How They’ve Prospered 
Successful brands can interact with their customers in a variety of ways, from offering customer support to creating a space for peer-to-peer information sharing, fostering lasting brand relationships, and more.

In this post, we’ll share community examples from leading brands with insights on what makes them successful.


Adding closed captions to videos
You can now enhance your video content with closed captions that are displayed while the video plays, offering improved accessibility and engagement.

Note: To enable this functionality, open a Support ticket


Khoros Product Coaching
Check out complimentary Khoros Product Coaching sessions to get hands-on help learning how to use a piece of functionality or area of Marketing, Care, or Community. Customers Only


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