July's Atlas Highlights

Khoros Staff

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Hello everyone! Just a few quick important updates from the Atlas team. Hope everyone is having a healthy and productive month!

As part of Phase 2 of our Atlas restructure project, the team has made some changes to the external category Atlas Hub, to better organize the different areas in that category.

Job Board Alert! Know somebody looking for a job? Here are two job postings just waiting for applicants! Community Manager at Puppet and Community Manager at Exasol. Thanks for using the job board @clangmayr and @JacobBo! Let's get some more job postings on the board!


Your peers have shared incredible success stories this year for the Khoros Kudos Awards and we need your help determining our finalists and winners! Vote by giving Kudos to your favorite submissions by August 15th!

Welcome to the Atlas highlights for July 

Atlas Discussions 

Do you know your Community Success Rate? Valued Contributor, @cjdinger, shared their astounding numbers and insights, let us know how your community monitors Success Rate.

Curious about new ways to integrate video content into your community? Join the conversation about Vidyard or let us know your preferred video host.

So just how many conversations can a care agent have? The age old question, lend your experience, what limitations and expectations do you set?

Atlas Blogs

Community Syndication can be a powerful tool to showcase the best of your community, check out this amazing example from @SuzieH

Check out these friendly tips from @RachelC and @A11ey on planning ahead during a crisis.

If you haven’t said ‘Hi’ to Maia yet, today is the day! Try out the new virtual partner and let us know what you think!


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Top Engaged Contributors

Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to Atlas last month! A special thanks to our Top Contributors in July, @Proha, @StanGromer, @Inactive User, @SheryBulos, @kgroneman.

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Curious - how did someone with no posts and no kudos make the top contributors list? 😅

Khoros Staff

@lilim Looks like my top contributor calculator had a miss step in there. Thanks for pointing this out! 😄


Great summary, @CoryD! And congrats to the top contributors! 


Oh boy, I've been sidetracked this past month, clearly my game here suffered as a result. Appreciate the update / continual updates in Atlas!

Khoros Staff

@CarolineS Thank you so much! I enjoy doing them.

@StanGromer It's okay to share the crown a little ;D

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Nice compilation here! Thnx for sharing.