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Lithium Technologies by the Numbers

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


Lithium is making a number of significant product announcements at this year’s LiNC Conference that form the cornerstone of our new Total Community strategy and address the customer experience across digital channels.



But beyond just looking forward and talking about the exciting direction we are headed in, we want to take this opportunity to look back and acknowledge how far we have come over the last few years building out our lineup of great customers across the globe, the ever-expanding use of our products, and – last but not least –

the evolution of our annual LiNC Conference since it kicked off in 2008.


Our continued growth is a testament to the fantastic work our community managers and social champions are doing, as they drive more and more of their customers to engage with each other on their own communities. In fact, with our more than 100 million monthly users, we’d out-populate Germany by 20 million, and the UK/France by 35 million each. And just as we empower brands to bring their customers into the fold, Lithium has built a robust community of enthusiastic advocates we continually turn to for input on everything from new product features to what they want to see at future LiNC conferences.


Following are statistics on Lithium’s growth on the customer, product and LiNC front over the years (also available as an infographic here).


If you can’t already tell, we’re immensely proud of these.


Significant growth in number of customers across regions and industries since 2008:

  • Global customer growth – 300%
  • Telecommunications industry – 500%
  • High tech industry – 200%
  • Retail industry – 300%
  • Financial services industry – 1100%
  • Other (includes agency, consumer, government, healthcare, media, services) – 400%

blog_lithiumbynumbers_pinterest.pngProduct growth across Community, Lithium Social Web, and Klout:

Lithium Social Web

  • 3,000 + agents on Lithium Social Web
  • Questions answered per year: 12,000,000 +


Lithium Communities

  • 432 total communities
  • 111,000,000+ average monthly community visits
  • 584,000+ answers provided (80% growth since 2012)
  • 30,000,000+ Lithium Community members (110% growth since 2012)
  • 36 languages supported
  • 5,330 Super users



  • 700 million+ Klout Scores profiled
  • 300+ brands have leveraged Klout Perks
  • 650,000+ Klout Perks shared with influencers


LiNC Conference growth since the inaugural event in 2008

  • 966% growth in conference attendance (from 75 in 2008, to 800+ in 2015)
  • 633% increase in Lithy award submissions (from 9 in 2010, to 66 in 2015 – our largest submission batch to-date)


Need inspiration?

Then check out how our customers are driving ROI and increasing productivity here.



Katy is Lithium’s Chief Marketing Officer and GM of Lithium Social Web, leading all strategic marketing activities for the company including branding, positioning, communications, go-to-market strategy, and customer acquisition programs.

You can find her on Twitter @katykeim or at her blog, BookSnob



Great numbers.

30m members, wow that's one big community! Thanks for sharing the numbers.

Impressive numbers. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you on the stage at LiNC'15, @KatyK.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Practicing all weekend!! Travel safe!