Lithium t-shirt design: And the winner is...Community Rocks!

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communityrocks.pngThe Lithium community has spoken and voted for the next design to be sent to press: old-school design Community Rocks wins the contest, with 56 votes. There's no denying it, community indeed rocks!


It was closely followed by #too#many#hashtags#? with 43 votes, while Oh, Jeff... trailed a bit behind with 30 votes.


awardssm.pngParticipation was so great, we decided to draw 2 winners:


Congratulations to @Bart and @LindaC who were selected during our random prize draw! I'll be in touch to get your mailing info so we can ship off your brand new t-shirts as soon as they're ready.



 Thank you all for voting and chiming in to help us decide on the new design. Keep an eye out for future contests - there will be more chances to win one of these t-shirts for yourselves!


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Sweet! 😄



(Can you make one in Green? 😄 )

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Woooo! Thanks @JulieH !

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A few more ümläüts and this T-Shirt could become a legend 😉


Congrats Brat and Linda