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Lithosphere is Live!

Community Manager

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the new and improved Lithosphere is now live again! 

Take a moment to check out the newly-structured, redesigned community, and let us know what you think here on the blog.

We have created a guide for everyone to help navigate the new structure and look forward to engaging with everyone. You can check out the latest hot fixes and updates here. 

And here's a few words from our CEO, @PeteH.


Congrats @AndyK and team. Looking great.






Long live Lithosphere!


Umm, hang on @AndyK. I think the about the author on this page is from @JulieHamel?



And now it's mine because I was the last to comment....

Community Manager

Umm, hmm it seems to be picking up the last person to comment. will have a dig, thanks for flagging @JasonHill

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Lithosphere is back! Love the fresh new design. Great job @AndyK and team!

Congratz everyone. The lithosphere is looking great.


Just a few suggestions,

1. Top Contributors on the community page.

2. Kudos given to and kudos received from component on view profile page.

3. Member profile and latest contribution are broken on a profile page.

Community Manager

Hi @TariqHussain


1.  I have a module to populate for contributors which will appear in a few days

2 & 3. I will have a look


It's back 🙂 

Khoros Oracle
I am delighted that we have brought back the 'Lithosphere' branding. Whoever got that pushed through, please give them a raise and/or a promotion! And yes, it looks pretty darned good so far. Kudos to the entire team that worked on this. I'm sure there were many people over a long period of time that made it all happen. This is still one of my favorite communities on the internet. It has had a number of...ahem....questionable looks at times, but this recent / current look is really clean and respectable looking. Thanks again to those who made it happen.