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Hello Atlas members!

Join us as the Khoros product team shares recent innovations to the Khoros platform and walks through upcoming releases on our roadmap. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper with a live Q&A session.

In this webinar you’ll:

  • Learn about key innovations and investments across the Khoros platform
  • Understand how Khoros is progressing across our platform, including: Marketing, Care, Community, and AI
  • Ask our product leaders about our current and future innovation during a live Q&A

Not able to join us live? Don’t worry. A full recording will be available after the event. 

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You heard right! The 2022 Khoros Kudos Awards are now open until May 27th!

Is your brand using Khoros technology to deliver world-class digital customer experiences with strategies and results that others can learn from? Share your stories and successes with the third annual Khoros Kudos Awards!


Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!
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Meet GenZ’s newest craze: BeReal
A new social platform has entered the scene and has become popular with Gen Z audiences in the past year: BeReal. Hear from our Strategic Services team about what the app is offering its users, why Gen Z is drawn to it, and what brands can learn from its popularity.

Voice of the Customer Initiatives: April 2022
The first edition of a new quarterly update, the Voice of the Customer team shares the initiatives that we are working on as a result of your customer feedback. 

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Mobile Handoff: IG Multi-videos, Stories, and Reels
Users will now be able to create and schedule posts with multi-videos, stories, and Reels with Instagram via the mobile handoff workflow.

Users will also be able to filter by content types  (Feed, stories, Reels) for Instagram on the calendar.

Twitter Ads Capabilities
Khoros' ad capabilities have been expanded to include Twitter! This means the ads admin, visibility and analytics features available for other channels are now available for Twitter. Twitter ads and metrics can be viewed and filtered in the calendar, as well as in dashboards, data exports and custom metrics.

Marketing Dashboards: Comparative Date Selector
The comparative date selector is an additional date selector that allows you to view changes over time based on custom and pre-populated date ranges.

Located next to the date selector in all Marketing dashboards and can be used by anyone with access to the dashboard internally and externally. 

Improvements to Approval Reminder Emails
To facilitate efficient and timely approvals, we’ve changed how, when and to whom we send the approval reminder emails.


Instagram DMs: A Channel Customers Love
If your brand is wondering whether they should turn on Instagram DMs via Khoros, first ask yourself, "Are your customers using Instagram?" 

6 examples of awesome social media customer service | KhorosYour customers expect customer service on your social media channels. Using social media for customer service helps brands cut costs, increase retention, and boost sales. Here are 6 examples from brands that are crushing it.

[Spring Launch] Agent Assist, plus much more!
Our new Agent Assist feature, which is already available to early access customers, dramatically reduces the time to handle customer inquiries, deliver accurate resolutions, and even the time needed to train new agents. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Agent Assist delivers agents real-time recommendations for troubleshooting Guides and Community Knowledge articles.


Spam Filtering: Honeypot Fields
With this release, we’ve enhanced spam detection experience with the Honeypot fields. These are hidden fields in forms where there is a possibility of a bot entering information. If these fields have values, it means that they were detected by a bot, and such posts are flagged as potential spam.

[Atlas Series] Secure Executive Support for your Community
Regardless of the industry, we have found that Community Managers regularly need a business case with quantifiable projections (or results!) to present to their leadership team. We recommend that you get started by enjoying our series of blog articles written by the experts!

[Podcast] The Value of Internal & External Brand Communication
Jeff Shurtliff (jeffshurtliff ), Business Applications Manager & Developer at RSA, joins the podcast to share his experience in launching new digital programs, and how to support and inform customers by involving them in development and testing.

[Podcast] Diversifying Metrics and the Rise of the Conversation Curator
Our guest today is none other than Legendary Khoros Titan, Claudius Henrichs (Claudius ) , Head of Community at Dataiku. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a passionate community member throughout the years.

Webinars & Events
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Khoros Roadmap Webinar (North America)
Tuesday, May 17th
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Khoros Roadmap Webinar (EMEA)
Wednesday May 18th
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Engaging Atlas Discussions
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Thanks @jamiemccardle, @SudheeshN, @RahulHa, and @akloepfer for a continuing talk about how to measure returning users in communities.

High five to @adriana4u, @MarkAtTruth, and other Titans for a great ongoing discussion about how to incorporate different languages in the same community!


Top Engaged Contributors
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Congrats everyone!


Congratulations everyone!