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Note to brands: consider talking with, not at, your customers

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

In partnership with Nielsen/Harris Poll, we just published a study that dives into if/how different generations want to connect with brands on social media channels. It contains some really alarming results that suggests brands might want to rethink “push-only” strategies that rely too heavily on ads. In fact, the study finds that 56% of younger generations (Gen Z/millennials) have actually stopped or cut down using certain social media sites because of ads.


Today’s younger consumers, raised almost entirely in the digital era, are much more likely to trust information they seek out themselves – whether on blogs, websites or online communities. This makes it all the more crucial that brands adopt a Total Community strategy that extends their reach via an army of stakeholders and ensures they show up in the right places. You can’t be everywhere all the time, but you can ensure that the right people have the right information to form a favorable and knowledgeable opinion of your brand.


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@EddieMc  This is really fascinating information on the youth and their buying decisions.  I think you are right about more emphasis on community based marketing.  That is the future and, based on the Webinar I attended with Lithium, that is exactly where we are headed.


Check it out @edaccessible and @cindycapo

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the feedback @stevekrohn. Beyond just the study results, I think this holds true for almost every Facebook user's experience. I searched for a pair of running shoes online a few months ago, then ended up buying them instore. Now, every time I log onto FB my feed is full of running shoe ads!!!! i think the one main thing that ad targeting fails to take into account is "how much is too much."



That is a great point @EddieMc and one I totally agree with.