November 2023 Atlas Highlights

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Recap: Q&A with the Khoros Product Team
Whether you missed it, or want to see it again, the Khoros Fresh Features Live Q&A is now available on demand!

Check out the Q&A on-demand, as well as other resources to help you unlock the full power Khoros has to offer.

If you have any additional questions for our product managers, please leave a comment on this blog and we'll be sure to get your questions answered.

Strategic Services: Weekly Trend Report 2/11/23 
Going over the new LinkedIn Premium features, Threads updates, social trends and more!



On-demand Unlocking Insights: Organic vs. Paid vs. Ads 
In today's digital landscape, differentiating between Organic, Paid, and Ads content is paramount. This distinction enables your team to optimize strategy, budget allocation, and performance assessment.

Check out this webinar to understand better the different content types you can report on to help make informed, impactful decisions based on accurate data.


Now Available: User Activity Logs & Activity Exports (Auth, Labels, Approvals, User)
We have improved governance in Marketing by adding User Activity Logs to track actions taken by users inside Marketing.

Under Settings > User Management > We added a new section called User Activity Logs

Here you can see actions taken by a user on another user, on initiatives, and account sets.


Now Available: X (Twitter) Threads Publishing and Analytics
This update allows Threads published via the platform and their metrics to be categorized and grouped together in connection to a Thread format. However, threads published outside the platform will continue to be categorized as responses.



Help Has Arrived: Agent Assist is Now Available
We're pleased to announced that Agent Assist for Khoros Care is now generally available (GA). This means that all Care customers can harness the power of Agent Assist to boost agent efficiency and provide better customer experiences. 


New Closed Engagement Rate metric
The new Closed Engagement Rate metric has been added to the Agent Performance widget.

This metric measures the percentage of conversations with engagement that the agent closed during the specified time period. Closed Engagement Rate is calculated by dividing the number of Closed Engaged conversations by the number of Closed conversations (CER = Closed Engaged/Closed).


Change Log filters temporarily removed
The Events filter and the Users filter have been temporarily removed from the Change Log page. Improved and more robust filters will be available in an upcoming release.

Learn more about the Change Log.


Default selection for single-select multiple choice questions on secure forms
When admins add a single-select multiple choice question to a secure form, add Multiple Choice Options, and then arrange those options in the desired order, the first option in the list is now automatically designated as the default selection and appended with (DEFAULT SELECTION).

Additionally, the Required toggle is now turned on and cannot be turned off for these types of questions.


New “Show typing indicators to agents” setting in Brand Messenger
The new Show typing indicators to agents setting in Brand Messenger enables admins to show or hide from agents that a customer is typing.



Adding closed captions to videos
You can now enhance your video content with closed captions that are displayed while the video plays, offering improved accessibility and engagement.

Note: To enable this functionality, open a Support ticket


Khoros Communities: A More Open, Extensible Platform
Learn how the latest version of Khoros Communities, Aurora, has enabled the platform to become even more robust, flexible, and heavily customizable.


Member Experience 
Co-authoring for blog posts and knowledge base articles

Recognizing co-authors along with the main author is a way to acknowledge everyone who contributes to a piece of content and enhance the overall quality and credibility of the content. It also encourages collaboration and fosters a sense of community among contributors and readers.


Administrator Experience
Engagement drill-down views for Forums, Blogs, and Knowledge Bases

With this release, Analytics users can view engagement data for Forums, Blogs and Knowledge Bases.


Developer Experience

With the introduction of the Ideas feature, Ideas page templates, and Ideas support, we are also providing Ideas GraphQL APIs.



Engaging Atlas Discussions
Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, click the chat bubble (bottom right) and type Customer Access.

What's the difference between discussion styles in the Community product, @obrienpaule asks? @kkritika and @StanGromer  both chimed in with helpful responses. High five, y'all!

Sometimes the best advice is not how to do it, but whether you should do it. Props to @StanGromer r for offering his wisdom on why trying to change how the community handles redirects can cause headaches - your knowledge and experience are impressive!

Trying to assign roles to all community users in a CSV file? @tyw  shared some ideas with @Kerri  on how to potentially do so. Grats on earning an Accepted Solution, Ty!

@MariaKyrychenko got  helpful reply from @AbhishekIlindra on how to identify posts on the community with specific words using the API. Thanks for supporting your fellow devs!


Top Engaged Contributors
Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @CarolineS, @Toby, @StanGromer, @tyw, @Akenefick, @AbhishekIlindra, @Drew_C, @tminett94, @karuna179, and @Claudius!

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Thank you @CoryD  and Congratulations to all Top Engaged Contributors 😎


Thank you for the mention @CoryD - much appreciated. So many great contributors to connect with.


Great going everyone, lots to learn.