November Community Highlights

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Happy holiday’s to those who celebrate! 

November was full of engaging discussions and helpful solutions like @markebot7's What permissions allow viewing the company key?@NicolaC's How can I track the number of unanswered posts over time?, and @TeroRe's How much members use search.

Also, if you have a TKB you’re proud of, share it with @LynneG in Show me your best knowledge base article (@StanGromer shared a great example)!


With Thanksgiving and turkey on the mind, we published 3 Digital Engagement Insights We’re Grateful For. You can also read our webinar recap on Community Engagement with Cloudera and The Community Roundtable and an Engage 2019 Session recap on Expert Advice on Planning For Future Community Growth. Khoros customers can read about our Khoros Marketing update and the 19.10 release notes.  


Thank you to all of our community members for your continued participation, we appreciate the thoughtful discussions and questions you share in Atlas. Special shout out to November’s top 5 kudoed contributors: @JasonHill@TreyWaddell, @Claudius@PerBonomi, and @CarolineS


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Completely random - I find it a really strange coincidence that I got called out in the above post, and immediately underneath it was the photo of me (Which I doubt anyone knew was me).  Hah.  

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Haha, it was actually a coincidence, @StanGromer

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Many thanks for the shout out. Some great discussions in the past month!




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Huzzah, I squeaked in to the top 5! Congrats, all! 

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It's about time to praise @JamilaR for the "Community Highlights" newsletter format. I find them really good for catching up on community activity, finding some gold content from the past month and recognizing everyone that makes the Atlas a great place to learn.

So Kudos to Jamila 👍

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That's so kind of you, @Claudius. Thank you! I'm really glad the highlights have been helpful. 😊

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Woop woop, thanks for the shout out 💪 And as @Claudius mentioned, excellent format for the newsletter @JamilaR  👌

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