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Congratulations to the 2023 Kudos Awards Winners & Finalists!
The Khoros Kudos Awards is an annual customer awards program that recognizes leading B2C and B2B brands who innovate to connect, service, and establish trust with their customers through the modern digital channels people prefer, including social media, websites, brand messaging, online communities, and more.

We are so excited to announce the winners and finalists for 2023!


Live Q&A with the KhorosProduct Team Oct 18th, 10am CT
Our Khoros product team will present an overview and take questions on the latest Khoros innovations across our product line up.

Join us to get an understanding of how these new feature and capability releases can bring more value to your Khoros tech stack, and get your questions answered live by the folks who shape and build our solutions.


Announcement: LinkedIn Followers by Industry Update
The API supporting the LinkedIn Followers by Industry widget has been updated to match the industry breakdown found in native analytics. Due to this update, some of the existing industry names have changed and new industries have been added. 

X, formerly Twitter, API Update
X, formerly Twitter, is continuing to evolve their commercial strategy and modernize their API platform and will officially deprecate select legacy v1.1 API endpoints. One batch of changes will occur on Sep 20, 2023, and the second batch will follow on Nov 20, 2023.



New Feature: Agent View performance improvements
With this release, we have made several backend updates to Agent View. Agents should experience faster loading times and improved performance, particularly when working in the Queue Panel.


New Feature: Default agent response handle
When an agent responds to a customer, the correct response handle is now selected by default. This ensures that agents do not accidentally respond with the wrong handle.


New Feature Update: Change Log (Beta)
Note: The beta release of the Change Log has been delayed. The feature will be available and enabled by default for the following release.

The new Change Log feature in Care enables admins to track administrative actions taken by other users in their organization.



Enhancement: API support to view content that’s been hidden from lists and menus
With this release, an API parameter has been introduced to view content from boards even if the Hide from lists and menus setting is enabled for the board. For more information, see messages collection.


Aurora Member Experience: Registration window password requirements
When new users are registering for your community and their cursor is in the Password field, they can now review a list of the community’s password requirements.


Aurora Administrator Experience: Schedule Analytics reports to be emailed to you 
With this release, Analytics users can schedule analytics reports and have them emailed to themselves. Below is an example of the Reports page with the status of report schedules.


Aurora Developer Experience: Dev Tools API Apps
The Dev Tools area of the admin has a new section dedicated to generating app credentials for Aurora's GraphQL API. This section enables you to generate unique OAuth 2.0-compliant client secrets and IDs for any applications you are developing that will use the GraphQL API.


Webinars & Events
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Live Q&A with the Khoros Product Team 
Wednesday, October 18
Community | 10 am CT / 4 pm BT
SMM / DCC / Advanced Community Management | 11 am CT / 5 pm BT


Available On-demand

Advanced Product Webinar: Agent Performance Table on-demand
Take advantage of this on-demand webinar to help unlock the potential of the Agent Performance widget and elevate your agent management strategy.


Engaging Atlas Discussions
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What are some ways to identify and address ChatGPT-generated forum spam? @aacker  kicked off the topic and @GlennD , @linadabas@tminett94 and @JCloutier all chimed in with good ideas. Appreciate the helpful exchange, y'all!

Knowing which of your community members is marking posts as Accepted Solutions can be helpful, but how do you know who those people are, @Mercedes_O  asks@tyw and @VikasB both offered ways to find out using Admin tools and API calls. Thanks for helping out!

High five once more to @VikasB  for such a helpful and thorough response to @KristenMeren's question on exporting idea statuses via API! Way to earn that Accepted Solution.


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