On Development

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Lithium quietly incorporated a little over nine years ago. A small group of guys came together with the goal of helping companies better interact with and listen to their customers. These guys – almost all of whom are developers – decided to start building great community software.


We were founded on development. In fact, a lot of great companies start off with developers, and build the rest of the business as they go: Google, GitHub and Facebook consider themselves part of this crowd.


Nine years ago, we were a better-than-average forum vendor for a handful of technology companies. Today, we’re the leading community vendor for top brands worldwide. It’s safe to say that things have changed. But what has always stayed the same is this: We have great developers.


I’d like to start sharing some of the things the development team has been up to recently: How we’re utilizing HTML5 in upcoming features; how we’ve sped up our webpage load times; the processes we follow to support; and anything else that’s on our minds as we deliver our products to you.


There are great things happening at Lithium, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.




Adam Traver is a Senior Software Engineer on Lithium's Engineering team. 


He spends his days creating new product features that you're going to love and his evenings as one of Lithium's resident table tennis gurus. Follow him on the Lithosphere as AdamT.