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We're mixing things up for the remaining days of #12DaysOfCommunityCheer! Contest submissions now take place exclusively via Community so post your entry here. 


It's Day 8 of our holiday promotion for our Lithium community members and @LithiumTech followers! 12 days of giveaways from December 8 through December 23. It's our way of saying a heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers and fans for their support in 2015 and beyond. Full contest details available here.


Day 8 contest question:


With a new year comes new adventures! If you could go on an adventure (real or fictional) and take a GoPro camera with you, where would you go? 


Post your submission in the comments below by 5pm PT today (Thursday, Dec 17) for a chance to win  a GoPro HERO!


61WycBPKE-L._SL1500_.jpgOne lucky winner will be announced tomorrow by 12pm PT on @LithiumTech and on our Lithium community. Check back to find out if you're a winner and get the day 9 contest question. Good luck!


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Ooh! I'm all about real adventures. My husband and I have been eyeing up the Coomloughra Horseshoe hike in Ireland for years now and that is definitely one that deserves to have a GoPro. I mean, really - look at that ridge!


I'd love to capture as much footage as I could to share it with people who don't love heights quite as much as I do. And for the record, I LOVEEEEE cliffs.



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I would take my GoPro and visit wildlife rehab centers around the world to volunteer my time & document my experiences! Or just capture & share my rescue adventures straight from home.



I rescued a squirrel from my cats back in the fall (then 2, and 3...), and tried to document as best I could. There are so many times I wish I had had a GoPro to capture those special moments from the very unique position I was in, but couldn't because my hands were full of...... squirrels. While I did manage to record some of it, the quality & experience just wasn't the same.  You can find out a bit more about my squirrels adventure here.  


We'll be releasing our 3 squirrels in the spring, once the snow has come and gone. It's been amazing to watch them heal, grow and interact with one another. It will be a bit sad when they go, but also a very proud moment which I hope we can capture as well.


And then, we’ll look forward to our next rescue adventure!


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I would go back on another horseback ride through Tuscany during Autumn and re-create the amazing adventure I had 14 years ago. The scenery, Sienna, the small towns, Chianti at lunch (who does that and still rides well?!?), the food, the places we stayed overnight and lastly...the many curious Italians I met along the way (!)

Tuscany's VineyardsTuscany's VineyardsOverlooking Volpaia from horsebackOverlooking Volpaia from horseback

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All of my favorite adventures start in the water... I would start with wearing it white water rafting in Iceland... looking at some of the most unearthly scenery on the planet. Then take it on a glacier SCUBA dive in some of the cleanest, clearest water you can dive in.... brrr... and to warm back up go to the natural hot springs that glow blue in Mytvan and then hike up to some amazing waterfalls.



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While I’m a complete disaster on the dance floor, I love to watch both men and women perform the Hula.


So I’d take my GoPro to the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii to share the aloha for hula and the Hawaiian culture, at the week-long Super Bowl of hula competitions.


The movements of this awesome dance form, native chants, and colorful dress worn by both individuals and team competitors creates an absolutely stunning visual and audio experience that leaves audiences truly mesmerized.



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Your other questions have been easy.  This one is tough because there are so many wonders to see! That being said, I would go to the moon!

Moon over Lincoln Memorial.


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I would need a waterproof caes for my GoPro, becuase I would want to take it to Jacob's Well



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Love these entries so far! As a Harry Potter fan, I would take a GoPro to Hogwarts. From classes to Hogsmeade to the Triwizard Tournament to playing Quidditch, this would be an awesome adventure to document! 

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I would take my GoPro to Taiwan for a few stops:


1. To document the amazing life of my Chinese marital arts teacher Master Adam Hsu. Mr. Hsu's traditional Chinese martial arts teaching has helped students from all over the world improve their health, physical fitness, focus and gain appreciation for the arts. Here's one of his demos from 1984:


Here's a recent interview with a publication company:


2. After that's done, I'd go check this place out:


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I missed this one because I was traveling yesterday but wanted to join the conversation anyway. I would go back to Alaska since there are so many adventures to go on. My favorite would be a helocopter ride to walk around on a glacier. 


Alaska 872.jpg