On the twelfth day of #12DaysOfCommunityCheer...

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It's Day 12- the final day of our holiday promotion for our Lithium community members and @LithiumTech followers!  To ring in the last day of this contest, we're opening up entries to be submitted via the Community AND via Twitter. Community entries can be submitted here, while Tweets should include @LithiumTech #12DaysOfCommunityCheer.



We've had a blast doing 12 days of giveaways from December 8 through December 23. It's been our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers and fans for their support in 2015 and beyond. Full contest details available here.


Day 12 contest question:


What new technology product would make your holiday tech wishes come true and why?


Post your submission in the comments below, OR tweet @LithiumTech #12DaysOfCommunityCheer by 5pm PT today (Wednesday, December 23) for a chance to win a $100 BestBuy gift card!





The lucky winner of the Best Buy gift card will be announced tomorrow by 12pm PT on @LithiumTech and on our Lithium community. We will also announce our grand prize winner from all the entries received over the promotion period-- this winner will receive a complimentary pass to LiNC 2016. Check back to find out if you're a winner!


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I am so in need of this BlackBerry Priv, would love to get one to increase my productivity at work.

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By now, you're probably noticing a theme with my entries - lots and lots of outdoor adventure with a huge focus on hiking. With that being said, the device that would undoubtedly make my holiday wishes come true would be a Garmin Montana. We always try to have paper maps with us, but sometimes it would just be nice to know exactly where we are - anywhere in the world. The Garmin Montana has a really nice color screen, the ability to let us load all sorts of maps, a great battery life, and it's super rugged. Basically, it will survive hiking in Spain, backcountry snowboarding in Colorado, and definitely tackling that 217 mile kayak trip I've been dreaming about.


And the bonus - it has a built in camera that ties the images to your GPS location so you know exactly where those incredible views were and how to get back to them. Win!



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I'm currently trying to marathon all of The X-files before the new season starts next month. Robot Very Happy It's made me realize I need a new Roku 3 Streaming Player! My Roku 2 is on its last leg. Cat Frustrated




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I want a personal assistant drone to follow me around to do my bidding! Smiley LOL




(As long as it doesn't turn on me!)

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My answer this time is inspired by 12 drummers drumming and my love of music (and drum solos too). We already have one of these and it's really awesome for dancing at home.


Note the cruel "out of stock" notice at the top from BestBuy's site. That's a testament to how much it rocks, right?




I could DJ some great tunes for our upstairs with a second one of these.

"Music makes the people come together [on the dancefloor, in the community!]
Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel.."


Happy Holidays Lithium DJs, this was fun!



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I desperately need an iPhone 6s. As much as I love my 4s, it doesn't actually work as a phone any more which has made for some awkward situations.

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A PS4 + Uncharted bundle + Bloodborne + Battlefront would make all my holiday wishes come true so that I could taste the delicious salty tears of my enemies and increase my already alarmingly high blood pressure.


Or a 2TB WD hard drive for my ~200 Steam games. Either works. I won't complain.

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Congrats to @tpascarella, our Day 12 winner of #12DaysOfCommunityCheer! Enjoy your $100 Best Buy gift card!

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Thank you @JaniceK! This will go towards good things. Cheers!