#OnAirWithLithium: Community Resolutions on January 27

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With every new year comes new projects, new challenges and new lessons. How do you plan ahead? What are some tips and tricks? Join a team of community managers on January 27th, 2016 from 11am-12pm PT as we discuss lessons learned from 2015, and look ahead to 2016!



How It Works

On January 27th, from 11am-12pm PT, you can watch the Hangout below. Until then, feel free to post your questions in the comments!


You can also download a calendar reminder for the Hangout.



@JennC (Community Manager, Lithium Technologies)

@AndyK (Moderation Services Team Lead, Lithium Technologies)



@JoeC (Chief Community Officer, Lithium Technologies)

@AllisonLeahy (Sr. Community Manager, Fitbit)

@debbie (Community Manager, HP)

@lilim (Community Manager, National Instruments)


Discussion Questions

  • Looking back at 2015, what’s one of your proudest achievements?
  • What’s one challenge you faced and tackled in 2015?
  • What are your top 3 tips for planning for the year?
  • Looking ahead at 2016, what are you looking forward to?


Have questions for the team? Ask us anything by posting a comment below, or tweet @LithiumTech during the event using #OnAirWithLithium.


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So I have questions 🙂


For the community managers

  • Have you noticed any change in behaviours within your community during this last year? 
  • What are you good resolutions as a community manager for 2016? Measure more, grow your team?
  • Everyone is talking about responsive! Have you gone responsive (if so, how did it go?), if not: are you?


And for the Lithium team:

  • Have you seen a change in behaviours within our customer's community strategies during the past year? 
  • And if you had a tip for the community professionals out there, what should they look out for in 2016



Retired Community Manager

Thanks for your questions, @CharlotteK! We'll do our best to answer these during the Hangout.

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These type of events should include a ICS attachment so it can added to a calendar easy 🙂 

Retired Community Manager

Great idea, @tyw and kudos to you! I've added the .ics attachment above, and you can also access it here.