[Podcast] Audience-First: Lessons & Strategies for Building a Better Brand

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Audience-First: Lessons & Strategies for
Building a Better Brand

A big thank you to everyone taking time to listen to our podcast,
and giving us such positive reviews! 

For our 3rd episode of Titans of Customer Engagement, Director of Social and Content Marketing at Randstad USA, Karen Pace (@KPace), joins the show to discuss social justice lessons & marketing strategies that have strengthened Ranstad’s mission to be truly audience first.

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Thank you, @CoryD and @PhilippeM, for the opportunity to participate in this podcast. Kudos to Philippe and the team for the quality work. Keep up the good work, team!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We appreciate you being a part of it -- I thought the learnings were great.  Audience (Customers and prospective customers) first all the way.