[Podcast] Gamification in the Wild: Giving back to build Brand Loyalty

Khoros Staff

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We are very excited to be joined by the Head of Partner & Customer Engagement for Lyft Bikes, Scooters & Transit, Chris Vetrano (@cvetrano). 

This Khoros Titan found his passion for engagement after being inspired by the Pop Music Industry and running his own American Idol Fantasy league.
Now, leading the smallest team with the biggest impact, Chris is looking to give back to the customers that helped Lyft become a leader in ride-sharing.

Hosted by Khoros Oracle and Business Value Consultant Jake Roadhouse, so you know it’s going to be quite the conversation. So sit back and enjoy the show.

Here’s a sneak peek into the discussion:

  • Finding a passion for engagement in unexpected places
  • What goes into actually 'caring' about Customer Experience
  • Why Community makes perfect sense to 'operationally' help a business
  • How has Lyft evolved to accommodate Social in their business
  •  Lyft's innovative 'Bike Angels' program, and more!

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