[Podcast] How to Make Community Crucial, with Invoca’s Maria Ogneva

Khoros Staff


Welcome back to Titans of Customer Engagement, A Customer Experience Podcast proudly presented by Khoros. This week we sit down with Maria Ogneva (@themaria) , Sr Director of Community & customer marketing at Invoca to break down how to build a wide-reaching and stable digital community. 

Hear first hand how to position your community to benefit both your customers and your colleagues.

Here’s a sneak peek into the episode

  • Ways to build your broad-based coalition with executive backing.
  • Staying aligned on goals and KPIs with a steering committee
  • The importance of getting into the habit of reporting how you’re meeting your goals.
  • The value of slowing down to move faster down the road.
  • Working with CSMs so Community works for them, freeing up their time from repetitive Q&A across their customers.

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