[Podcast] The Four ROI Value Levers: Savings, Sales, Satisfaction, SEO

Khoros Staff


Welcome back to Titans of Customer Engagement, A Customer Experience Podcast by Khoros. It’s not often that you get to dive into the minds of some major community nerds, but today you are in luck.

“Crawling out of primal community mud” comes Khoros’s Business Value Consultant and community enthusiast, Jake Roadhouse (@JakeR). Hear first hand experience of building a sense of solidarity and fellowship from two of the brightest here at Khoros with your host Jon Wishart (@JonathanW) in navigating the conversation.

Here’s a sneak peek into the episode

  • What are most organizations still missing out on
  • High level approaches to measurement of ROI
  • A deep dive into brand participation in community
  • Zooming out to retention and revenue measurement

Be sure to check out Jake Roadhouse's Atlas Blogs:

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Jake is the man!! Great information as always!