Rock the Vote! Pick your favorite Lithys to be crowned at LiNC ’14!

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The game isn’t over until it’s over. The Lithys game, that is. It’s time to get your vote on!! We’ve been busy reviewing the 60 entries we’ve received and there are some truly stellar submissions. 


Here’s the skinny on the voting and selection process:

-          Online voting opens Monday April 28, 2014 at 9am PST and closes on Monday May 5, 2014 at 5pm PST.

-          To vote, read the Lithys submissions here.

-          In order to vote (give kudos), you must be logged into the Lithium Community. If you don’t have a login, please take a quick minute to register here.

-          Each registered user can give one kudo (vote) per entry. Our Lithium Stars’ kudos weight = 2 votes.

-          Selection of winners will be a two-step process: a combination of the popular peer vote on the Lithium Community and through final selection by the judging panel that will look at the spirit of the story, the results submitted, and evidence to back up the submission.



I’m in the running for a Lithy. What’s next?

-          We request that an employee from your company be present at LiNC to be eligible to win an award, however, we understand that travel challenges can occur especially for our international customers. If you’re selected as a winner and will not be able to attend LiNC, we will notify you by Tuesday May 13, 2014 to schedule a brief acceptance video via Skype or Google Hangout between Wednesday May 14, 2014 and Friday May 16, 2014.

-          All winners will be announced on the last day of LiNC (Thursday May 22, 2014) in front of a power-packed audience as they take the stage to accept their trophies. Start picking out your acceptance outfit and get ready for your chance to shine on the winners’ podium!


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Don’t forget to vote and give a shout out to your colleagues and business partners from April 28 to May 5. Bookmark this voting page.



Good luck and hope to see you on the winner’s stage!

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This is going to be exciting. Thanks for hosting a fun contest!

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It sure is.... !!! Good luck everyone ;)

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Cool :)
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Very excited for this. Good luck to all the entrants! Some great company to be in.

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Some great entries here, good luck everyone!

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Online voting is now closed. Good luck to all the nominees; winners will be announced on the last day of LiNC '14 (May 22nd). Stay tuned to find out who takes home a Lithy!

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Wow congratulations to Telstra "512" that's got to be a record high for a Lithy vote count :) good luck to everyone!!!! 

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