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Lithosphere.jpgI can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems different around here today. If you're new to the site, take a look at the picture to the right to see what I mean. Smiley Wink


The new Lithosphere design is up! I can't say enough about all the great work that went on behind the scenes to make this possible - some of it starting over a year ago before we even launched the community! From those who built the foundation in the Winter Release of 2009, to the team that designed the vision, to the folks that made that vision a reality - it was truly a company-wide effort at Lithium to bring you this amazing new look!


For a look at some of the bigger changes and what they mean, be sure to look through the Design Changes Part 1 and Design Changes Part 2. But for me, the changes with most impact have been in all the little things, from the addition of RSS links everywhere to make subscribing easy, to improvements in the WYSIWYG editor and posting workflows. I hope you enjoy the improved experience as much as I do!


But we never want to stop improving or rest on our laurels here - and I'm sure that amongst all the goodness, there are still a few rough edges or ideas that just didn't turn out like we hoped. So check out the community and let me know what what you think works well - and what needs more work!




Congrats to all involved. The site looks great, and is a real showcase for what can be done.


Very interested in how much of this is "out of the box" for your latest platform release(s), and how much is super-custom.


But either way, kudos to all.

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quite a theme you desined here!!

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It looks like you have most of the rough edges smoothed out!  Even the recent messages link is working.  Good job!


One thing that I'd like to see is a tweak to is the Live Bar timeline.  It centers on my current time (EDT) but who's-logged-in displays as happening 3 hours earlier (PDT) - even me!  Since I'm not aware of being able to travel backwards in time...  😉



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It looks great, Scott!

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Kudos to you and the rest of the Lithium team for continuing to evolve the Lithosphere as a fast growing community about community, and for challenging convention in the new design !


I really like the fact that this place is starting to visually set itself apart .


After a bit of reflection, I think you are right that getting this in  deployed sooner and continuing to evolve it is probably a better strategy than fiddling with it indefinitely.





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Now that I've been using it for a few days, I found something that I really miss.


In the previous design, there was a view that had everything listed on it whether it was a blog, forum board or idea section.  It had a post count and new column like forums does and was a quick view to see if there was anything new anywhere in the LS.  It was very handy.


I normally use the recentmessages link, but it still has a few quirks to it (only one page, lists every message in threads with new messages so wastes space on that single page, sometimes misses new items).  The view that listed every blog/forum board/idea section let me see if there was anything else that got missed.  Was there a reason it got dropped?


Thanks - Jane

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Hi Jane:


I think I can help you out there:


That will give you everything in one view - technically it's the Top category page. Hope that helps!

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Scott - that works great - thanks!!



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