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Successful Training and Certification Programs in San Francisco

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


Despite the big storm, the Lithium education team held three training courses in our corporate office this past week—with one postponed until Tuesday due to power outages and flooding in the bay area.



Robb Lazarus (@RobbL) and I started the week teaching Community Principles to a great mix of B2B and B2C Lithium customers. Dr. Michael Wu (@MikeW) joined us and talked the students through how to identify their Community’s Health Index Score (CHI).


There was a lot of great discussion and sharing throughout the day. We wrapped up the Community Principles course with Gamification and badging principles.



On Tuesday, we had our debut of Community Manager Certification II. We have our first group of Community Manager’s who are now certified at level 1 and level 2 on Community Management. Congratulations!


 Joe Cothrel (@JoeC) kicked-off the certification talking about “It’s all about growth.” Taking a deep dive into the challenges of growth, SuperUser programs and managing brand participation. Several of the attendee’s approached us to thank the team for such a valuable course. They look forward to taking the steps to continue to grow their communities.





We concluded the week with Moderation Principles, which was taught by Brian Oblinger (@BrianO).


The course covered tasks of Moderators, Moderation Guidelines, and tips on how to handle different types of users and moderation scenarios. The participants included moderators from both B2C and B2B companies, which provided great experience for real-world discussion. The group was engaged and eager to learn best practices, common moderation tasks and guidelines that Lithium has been following for over 9 years.




Due to the big storm on Thursday, Design Principles was postponed and will be held on Tuesday, December 16th.









Photo from December 11, 2014


The course was developed by Monique Lopez (@MoniqueL) , who will be teaching it as well. Much of the content is in response to customer’s wanting more information on CSS, custom components, and using REST API/Freemarker on the Lithium community.



All in all the week was amazing and we safely made it through the storm. A few comments that resonated from the week:

“Lithium’s courses and certification are fun and interesting. I have been to a lot of boring training sessions but Lithium’s courses rock.”

“Can’t wait to get my team certificated the value is priceless.”

“When is your next planned training, I Love Lithium training sessions.”


Badges earned from these training and certification courses:



Stay tuned, more training events for 2015 will be announced soon! Please feel welcome to reach out to education@lithium with any questions.




 Jordan Suffin is Director of Training Services at Lithium, responsible for development and delivery of educational and engaging training materials. He previously worked at MicroStrategy where he spent 16 years in various education roles, starting out as a technical trainer for the West region and more recently running Global Partner Sales & Technical Training and Internal Sales Training/Onboarding programs.