Tell us why you should win a free pass to LiNC '16

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We LOVED hearing about all your New Year’s Resolutions. So much so, we want to give you another chance to win a free pass to LiNC 2016!


We could give you ten reasons to attend LiNC, but we want to hear from you! In a brief 200 words, we challenge you tell us why you should be win a free pass to LiNC!


Where to begin? Consider this your chance to wow us! Maybe you couldn’t attend in years past and this year, you want to be the employee that comes back with awesome stories of your LiNC experience. Maybe, you are sold on this conference because it is the premiere customer experience conference on the globe (plus, you want an excuse to go to San Francisco anyway)!


We look forward to hearing your inspired submissions about why you deserve a free pass to LiNC! Let the contest commence!   


Submissions are due March 2nd. The winner will be officially announced here on March 4th.


Enter the contest!




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Father Son team use social network to get 2.5 million players!


Hi, My name is Brian Russel Davis, my son Josiah and I would love a chance to attend LiNC 2016! Josiah was just 15 when he walked into his first investor meeting for his newly designed mobile app "Paper Chase" now newly released as "Paperchase 2" live in the iOS/Android stores online.


PaperChase started in front of a Jamba Juice less than a couple of years before Josiah’s pitch meeting. Brian challenged Josiah and his older brother, Caleb, to come up with 10 game ideas. One of those ideas was about flying paper airplanes through a classroom. The idea developed into a game concept where players guide a paper airplane as it glides down the streets of New York. Learn more about our journey to success with the mobile app "Paper Chase" in this article by GameSau...

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@NurdyMuny Great story. Click the "Enter the contest" link in Jenn's original post above to post it in the correct area. (And from an outsider perspective: You might want to explain a bit more what motivates and connects your story to the Lithium conference attendance.) Hope to see you there.

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Thanks @Claudius will do! I hope to see you there as well!

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