Thank You for Celebrating #12DaysofSocialCheer

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As we kickoff our New Year’s resolutions and get back into our daily routines, we wanted to take a moment to thank all our #12DaysofSocialCheer visitors and congratulate our 12 daily winners.


As a reminder, on Dec. 7th, we launched the #12DaysofSocialCheer site where visitors had the chance to unlock daily gifts and enter a daily sweepstakes by sharing #12DaysofSocialCheer on Twitter.


If you visited the site, you unlocked valuable tip sheets and key stats to help you do your job better in 2017. If you didn’t – no worries. It’s not too late. Check out the site today to get valuable infographics full of stats and our four tip sheets, which include:

  1. Top 25 Social Media Experts list
  2. 2017 #Holiday Content Calendar
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Social Image Sizes
  4. When to Post on Social Networks


Many visitors also unlocked vouchers for free coffee too. Yes, that’s right- free coffee on us so you can start 2017 with a boost!


Congrats to our coffee winners and congrats to our lucky 12 daily gift card winners, which include:


Day 1: Natalie Kempa (@nataliekempa) of United received a $200 Sephora gift card 



Day 2: Jeff Terrell (@JeffT) of GoPro received a $200 Lowes gift card



Day 3: Michael Britt (@mbritt) of Cengage received a $200 eBay gift card



Day 4: Traci Cappiello (@traci) of Google received a $200 Visa gift card



Day 5: Lili McDonald (@lilim)  of National Instruments received a $200 AMC gift card5.png


Day 6: Lana Lee (@lana_lee) of Zuora received a $200 Sephora gift card




Day 7: Nik Kingsman (@niiiiiiiiiik) of Foxtel received a $200 StubHub gift card



Day 8: Shelley Sessoms (@Sessoms3300) of SAS received a $200 AMC gift card



Day 9: Sheena Kenny (@SheenaK) of Three Ireland received a $200 JustFab gift card



Day 10: Eduardo Meza-Etienne (@edaccessible), a Klout Influencer, received a $200 Airbnb gift card



Day 11: Sarah Mousseaux (@SarahMssx) of Mega received a $200 Visa gift card



Day 12: Wing Lee of GoPro received a $200 Best Buy gift card



Congrats to all our winners and let’s spread the #socialcheer in 2017!


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Congrats to all the winners! We enjoyed celebrating #12DaysofSocialCheer with you all!


Thank you Lithium - that was a fun little campaign filled with great info.

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Thanks for hosting this contest! Cat Happy I liked all of the useful info and I liked the ease of sharing to our social networks.

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Thank you Lithium for an excellent campaign. Congrats to all the winners! Smiley Happy

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Thanks Lithium for the extra goodie in my Xmas stocking! Robot LOL

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Thanks Lithium! It was great fun, and super interesting info as well 🙂