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Looking back on the 2nd Annual Lithium Customer Conference, I'm left feeling a bit sad and also, simultaneously, pretty psyched.


First, thanks to everybody that showed up.  At this time; I know travel budgets are being cut into so I'll speculate that it is becoming increasingly difficult to convince Management that it is ok to jet-set out to San Francisco in order to attend a conference.  Still, you folks made it.  In particular I want to give a shout-out to...


...Makoto and Aya from Symantec - Japan who came all the way from Tokyo.  So good to finally meet you and hang out. 


...Also, major props to Phil from SCEE - Playstation Europe who came out (again) from the Big Smoke.  Always a pleasure.


...And finally, to the man who delivered a fantastic demo of his community and some of the business behind it, I tip my headphones to my old friend Kevin from Barnes & Noble.  Good looking out.


So with all of the good people I had a chance to see again (MarkH, JohnG, the guys from PGP, etc), I would like to also say how good it was to meet one of our legendary SuperUsers (EricaL), along with Kathy from VZ, MattL from the house of CAD, Carolyn and Srhidar, and many others.  Here is to hoping that you all come back next year (and bring your friends).


So why would I be sad?  Well, probably because Lithium is all grown up.  I'm not a parent but it feels like I just saw my kid off to college.  Wow, have we come a long way!  Between the Analytics Services that we're conquering and the product roadmap, I feel like the sky is the limit.  Trust me, last year was no slouch, but this year....well, I'm feeling like we've ramped up enough to get two or three times as much as we got done in 2008 (which was a lot, btw).


I know all sorts of folks are getting geeked up for what we plan to do with Twitter, but because 140 character limits dont excite me, I like to put my eggs in the TKB basket.  In fact, my new mantra is, "its all about the TKB".


Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm obsessed with SuperUsers and their expertise.  Being a SuperUser myself, I randomly go to many communities that I have little to no interest in, just to see what the SuperUsers are like.  Its kind of like how my girlfriend bought this big comic book on Vice Presidents, which I spent an hour reading this morning.  I'm not obsessed with the history of the Vice Presidential office, but if it is presented in a unique way (and full of expertise), count me in.


That is why I ❤️ SuperUsers.  If it is some random guy from Alton, Illinois that is a complete maniac when it comes to understanding routers or something, I like reading his posts.  He could be scooping ice cream at Ben & Jerrys during his working hours, but by night he is an absolute walking encyclopedia on how to fix / configure a router.  That is the guy who has killer content, AND THAT is the guy who should be building the TKB.


For those of you who dont know what the Lithium TKB is....well, it is the dawn of a new age in terms of how to bronze the SuperUser's content.  I cant wait!



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Thanks for the shout out, Jake. I'm always a big fan of the roadmap talk -- and of seeing what everyone else is doing with the platform.


The game worked out pretty well, too, from this New Yorker's perspective!


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