The Redesigned Atlas Landing Page is Live!

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We’re proud to present our redesigned landing page! As we mentioned in Upcoming Atlas Landing Page Redesign, this is the first phase of a larger Atlas redesign project. We hope these changes will make it easier for you to navigate the community and find the information and discussions you want and need. 


In this blog we’ll cover the following redesign changes: 


New menu 


We switched from a hamburger menu to a top menu, complete with icons and drop-down menus. By changing the location and adding icons, we hope it will be easier for you to quickly see and navigate the different areas of Atlas. 


Updated hero area

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.56.48 AM.png

To put more of a focus on search, we removed the featured slider from the Hero Area (top area of the page) and centered the search bar. We’ve also added community statistics beneath the search bar to give you a better understanding of Atlas’ size and activity. 


New avatars (action may be required)


Introducing the new collection of Khoros brand avatars! We have removed the previous avatar collection and added four new collections which you can get a glimpse of above. If you were using an old avatar image you’ll notice that your avatar now shows a broken image, to fix this you’ll have to update your avatar by either uploading a custom avatar or selecting a new one. To learn how to update your avatar, visit How To Change Your Atlas Avatar


Updated product associations 


Atlas’ Product Associations have been updated to include the most searched Khoros features and products. We encourage community members to use hashtags to mention products in posts. These ‘product mentions’ will appear as hyperlinks and take members to a page in the community where you can view conversations about the same product. For more information on using product mentions and the full list of product associations, visit How to use Product Mentions and Product Associations


Discussion style tags 


You’ll see new discussion style tags underneath recent posts in the “What’s happening in Atlas’ section. By adding these tags, we hope it’s easier for you to identify the discussion style of each post. 


New featured post area 


The latest and greatest Atlas content is now represented through a new featured posts section that will be updated weekly. 


Category changes 


You’ll find that we made a few category changes in this phase of the project: 

  • JX has been moved to fall under the Community category 
  • The Strategy & Expertise category has been archived. We’ve moved the top topics and blogs into their related product areas.   
  • Atlas Insights & News has been renamed to Atlas Hub

If you’re unsure where to post, or want to know more about the different areas of Atlas, visit Customer Structure and Posting Guide or 


New rank icons


We’ve begun revamping the rank icons to improve the image quality and fit the Khoros brand. We are planning to review our rank structure and make adjustments in the future. 


Okay, so what’s next? 


We're currently working on fixing some minor cosmetic features that carried over during the redesign. Over the next few months, we’ll work on the next phase of this project where we’ll focus on redesigning the look and feel of each category to keep customer journeys at the forefront of the experience. This will include: 

  • Content restructure and archival 
  • Updating the unique IDs for each node 
  • Improving the search experience and overall content findability
  • And more! 


Everyone is encouraged to share feedback and suggestions about the update in Suggestions for Atlas

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Respected Contributor

Looks great! Well done!

Khoros Staff

Incredible!! GREAT work Atlas team!! Looks fantastic.

Honored Contributor

Awesome.  Having been here for 3 years now, it's really exciting to see Khoros putting the time and effort into this.  Love the new navigation.  

Honored Contributor

Some interesting design choices here, many thanks for the update. It's always good to see what the team does with the platform and challenge our own design choices and/or see what we could emulate.  

Shifting from a hamburger on desktop certainly makes browsing easier for users. But I'm surprised at the choice of downplaying search across the site (except for on the home page hero). I suspect that on most communities search should receive prominence over browsing so wouldn't encourage others to follow your lead of reducing the search box to a mouse over on desktop. 

One of my challenges on the home page is to get content for members above the fold - did you explore any designs that tried to get new content higher on the page so members can very quickly and easily see what's new/popular since their last visit? Is community stats for example really of such interest to members to receive such prominence?

Updating avatars is something I imagine most communities want to do very occasionally. But showing broken images? I don't think you should ever contemplate that. It would be good for the team to address this issue.   

I note the home page hero seems broken on mobile. 

Congrats on the redesign.


Khoros Guru

I've been an Atlas Community member since 2013. (Shout out to Lithosphere!). This is by far my favorite redesign. I love the focus on usability and search. The Community team just keeps doing more and more great things!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Congratulations! It looks super-clean, and I look forward to getting into the new nav. 

Honored Contributor

Congrats on the launch!! Lots of nice cleanup - and we are about to launch our own homepage redesign project so we will be looking carefully at yours.

One bit of feedback is that I don’t like how the header is always visible on mobile, even when you scroll. It is taking up valuable mobile screen real estate!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Looks awesome.

Honored Contributor

Congrats on that important change. I can relate to how many iterations this design has taken from initial information gathering to the current state. 

I agree with @CarolineS that the top header should reduce in height on smaller screens.

Also I find the icons to have a lot of colour variation. E.g. why has the product coaching item in each of the product categories a different icon? I tried to find patterns on what information that should convey but couldn't, so gave up.

And from a tech perspective: The navigation menu wraps all <a> links into empty and non-style <span> tags. Great opportunity to create some leaner DOM by removing these.

Retired Community Manager

@JasonHill Appreciate your response. And thank you as well, for your feedback @Claudius and @CarolineS.  

There are a few issues that we're currently working to resolve that the redesign caused, so we hope to have issues like the hero area not working on mobile fixed soon.

Search is still one of the most crucial things for our community and we've recently moved some people around internally so we can specifically focus on improving the search and findability experience. For this phase of the project, we spent a lot of time looking at existing behavior, how people were using our community, what they were doing in different pages, and we prioritized for more effective journeys.

This entire redesign project is part of Khoros' ongoing investment in improving the Customer Experience. We will continue to watch and learn from behaviors to regularly refine and make it easier for people to get to what they need.

We always appreciate your balanced and thoughtful feedback, so thank you for taking the time as ever, and we'll factor these notes into our subsequent design rounds.

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