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The Top 5 Reasons to Submit a 2017 Lithy

Honored Contributor



Imagine the thrill we all felt last year when Fitbit was named the Regional Star: North America winner at the 2016 Lithy Awards. We were truly honored to receive this industry acknowledgement among so many inspiring brands. It was a strong testament to how hard our team worked all year to strengthen the connection between our customers and product support, and ultimately deliver top-notch digital customer care. One year later, we’re still buzzing from our win whenever we glance over at our Lithy trophy that sits proudly in our SF office.


But that’s not the only reason to submit. Now that we’re gearing up for this year’s Lithy Awards, here are my top 5 reasons why you should enter:


1. Industry recognition

Each year, the competition to win a Lithy gets even more fierce. And as a winner selected by a prestigious panel of judges along with the popular vote on Lithium’s community, your company will receive the acknowledgement you’ve worked so hard to achieve. The industry accolades bring pride to your company and will serve as a great promotional tool for you and your brand.


2. Celebrate with your team 

Your team works hard! All of the emotional energy and time spent pondering how to handle tough discussions and improve community relations deserves celebration. There’s no better way to boost morale and bring your team together than to celebrate each other’s efforts, both individually and together.  celebrate.png


3. Quantify your results
The Lithys are a great opportunity to document your success story. See this as a chance to put real results and metrics to paper and reflect on how your efforts have made a difference with your customers. For example, in our 2016 Social ROI Titan submission, we calculated a 616% increase in contacts to our dedicated support handle on Twitter, and a projected 225% ROI for our community—all numbers we crunched to share in our Lithy submission. As a bonus, you can use this asset to showcase your team’s accomplishments to your colleagues, executive team and business partners.


4. Learn from the success of your peers

It’s no secret that social is ever-evolving and a breeding ground for innovation. Every brand has a unique approach, and the success of your peers can help spark brilliant ideas for your company. I felt particularly inspired by HP- the winner of the Total Community All-Star award. Let yourself be inspired by how other brands are shaking up their industries and making a strong impact with their digital strategies.


5. The Lithy itself
Finally, who wouldn’t want to take home the highly coveted Lithy trophy? It is a stunning piece of hardware, and it’s yours for the taking. 




Best of luck to you as you compile your Lithy entry. For instructions on how to submit, click here!