The revenue opportunity of listening to your customers

Khoros Staff


Today’s CX and contact center leaders are offered a bounty of vendor options to fill both technical and business needs inside the contact center and across the customer journey as a whole. Discerning the nuances between product offerings, and how it fits the overall needs and strategy of the business, can be half the battle.

The other half of the battle? Understanding how the solution will positively impact KPI’s and translating that into real revenue for the business. It’s paramount for getting buy-in on a new solution from key stakeholders and ensuring you’re positioned to show growth against metrics that are important to your department. 

Recognizing that proving the ROI of a new solution is a critical element to making informed decisions, we created an interactive ROI calculator for our Khoros CX Insights solution to provide a general approximation of the cost savings businesses can expect by deflecting calls, decreasing Average Handle Time (AHT), and improving loyalty when listening to customers with Khoros CX Insights.

Fill out the calculator here to discover the revenue opportunity of Khoros CX Insights:

Brands like DoorDash, Aetna, e.l.f. cosmetics, and Sprint have already saved millions with Khoros CX Insights by turning the voice and text data they already have into fuel for improving the holistic customer experience and reducing costs in the contact center.

Khoros CX Insights delivers a unified view of the customer by stitching together customer interaction data from every channel and analyzing it as a single data set to uncover how customer expectations are being met by each part of the business, where the friction points lie, and how to resolve them.

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