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You guys!!! We’ve pulled the numbers and you have done some awesome stuff in the last six months here in the Lithium community! In fact, you’ve pushed our community CHI score to a high of 691 -- that’s AMAZING!!!


Thank you so much for being who you are and contributing here. Give yourself a round of applause:

In the last six months you’ve produced:

    • 2,243 topics
    • 4,444 replies
    • 5039 kudos given
    • 466 solutions accepted
    • 900 new community members

Here’s our Top Contributors for the last six months (ranked by most engagement):

You guys rock!!

Honored Contributor

Onya guys. Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom, knowledge and experience. Much appreciated.





Honored Contributor

Thank you @KellySull and congratulations, everyone. 

Honored Contributor

Thank You @KellySull.


Congratulations to all the folks :)





Honored Contributor

Woot, I´m on the list 8)

Honored Contributor

b9baff8d-2774-464d-b513-c1d6be51e56c-d10a95e9-449f-4517-a8b1-32d15a3567ea-v1.pngThanks, @KellySull and way to go guys... 



Honored Contributor

Well done everyone!



Valued Contributor

Must. Keep. Climbing.

Honored Contributor

Congrats to all & Thank you.



Honored Contributor

Oooh, I’m on the list! This is rather more exciting than expected, and helps me relate to our community members. :grinning_face:


First time i am on this list, wohooo! Feels good to be among the top contributors

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