We're Bringing Back #OnAirWithLithium!

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Some time ago, we hosted our very first On Air with Lithium Hangout. Now, we're bringing it back, and will be kicking off with some exciting new updates!


In this day and age, it's important to be able to provide the right content at the right time. With any communities, that can be a challenge--think blogs, TKB articles, and so on. How do you begin to manage that? What are some best practices? Join our team as they share their tips. We’ll also provide a look back at some recent accomplishments and a peek into what’s on the horizon for Lithium docs.


How It Works

We held the Hangout on August 26th at 11am PT. Missed it? No problem, just watch the video below!




@JennC (Community Manager)

@AndyK (Team Lead, Moderation Services)

@JohnD (Sr. Documentation Manager)

@JeffS (Director, Global Customer Support)

@SuzieH  (Senior Technical Writer)


Have questions for the team? Ask us anything by posting a comment below, or tweet @LithiumTech during the event using #OnAirWithLithium.


Have ideas for future Hangouts? Share them in the comments below!

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Suzie and I are really looking forward to chatting with you all. If you have burning questions or topics, let us know! 

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Looking forward to this! Cat Happy

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How long will this run for? Thank you.

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Hi @ElenaG, the session will run for about an hour, depending on what questions we receive. On that note, if you have any questions for @JohnD and his team, please post them here! Smiley Happy

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Thanks for answering my question! 


To expand, the developer docs in Lithosphere are really detailed and I know they contain a lot of value, but since I dont have alot of dev experience, its difficult for me to understand 'just what can I do, how can this help me and my community'.


So what I'd love to see if more 'real world' tutorials that help educate CM's on what a APIs\LIQL can do - the benefit being the CM learns, and can then advocate internally about this. I.e. Hey product, our forums can do this via their API... heres where to learn more etc.. '



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Thanks to everyone who participation in the OnTheAirWithLithium today. @SuzieH and I had a great time sharing our upcoming projects and doc tips with you. Hope you all found it valuable. Reach out to us anytime with questions and suggestions.

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New documentation looks good, article length can be quite long so might be a good idea to include anchor links at the top of long articles that drop down to the different sections such as the fields and examples / constraints for easier access.


Excited about the refresh though, should make things a lot easier to find.

Khoros Staff

Thanks, @RobertT. Yes, we've started adding mini-TOCs at the tops of longer/more complex articles. We jsut haven't done a full sweep of all older content. You'll also notice in newer content, there are often "related topics" links at the bottom of articles as well as a more liberal use of labels. Keep the ideas coming.

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@JohnD brilliant, looking forward to the new experience with documentation :)

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