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Today we unveiled a new logo and name for the Khoros Community, Atlas


Staying in line with our Greek theme (Khoros meaning chorus), Atlas was chosen to represent our community as a place to receive guidance. Like a map, Atlas is a way to look at the big picture, as well as all of the parts that comprise it. 

With that theme in mind, we will be making some changes to Atlas to improve your experience and make it easier for you to find content and collaborate with your peers. We already started today by renaming the Khoros Corner category to “Atlas Resources & News” and the Khoros View Blog to “Atlas Insights”, with the hope these names changes will make it easier to quickly know what kind of content you’ll find in those areas. 

Learn more about Atlas in the video below:

If you have any questions about the new community names and rebranding, please leave a comment below. 

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Great! Finally we have it.

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Poor Atlas. A misunderstood titan in my opinion. Zeus was a maniac.

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