Welcome to our new Lithium Community Manager!

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_MG_4837.jpgI am delighted to officially announce our new community manager is Jenn Chen ( @JennC, formerly known as @jchen). Jenn joins us from Intuit DemandForce and has been recognized as a Lithium Star for the last two years. She brings in-depth knowledge of our platform and I am excited to bring her experience and ideas to our own community.


Jenn will be in the San Francisco office and I hear she is quite good at baking! Personally, I am looking forward to sampling the tasty treats! Jenn joins a strong team dedicated to making our own community a success. Here are a few others you will see in and around the community:


Andy Kaye (@AndyK) – Andy is our Technical Project Lead on the community. He is regularly engaged with multiple customers, but we are also happy to have his expertise on our own site. He is based in Scotland and seems to be working 24/7 to make our customers, and all our Litherati happy!


Vika Mlonchina (@VikaM) – is our fantastic summer intern joining us from Los Angeles. Vika joined the team a few weeks before LiNC-sanity, so she was immediately thrust into action helping us execute the event and focusing on content for the community. She is dedicated to Community Content until she returns to finish her final year of grad school, and we hope she considers staying with us as she finishes her degree.


Rich Reilly ( @RichRe) – Rich is our Director of Events and Community. He has been with Lithium for several years now and is responsible for many things in the marketing team, but most importantly our LiNC events. Rich is tasked with expanding our digital and global event strategy into the community and building a better connection between Lithium and our community.


Additionally we have a great team of moderators and experts within Lithium you’ll see online and helping out, who are also dedicated to our community… including some of the people you will have seen around like Joe Cothrel (@JoeC), Dave Evans (@DaveEv), moderators Kenneth ( @KennethS) and Steven Treglown (@StevenT), and our fearless marketing leader Katy Keim (@KatyK).


If you have any questions, please let me know, and please join me in welcoming Jenn to the Lithium team!




 DayleH.jpgDayle Hall is the VP of Brand & Digital Marketing for Lithium. He is responsible for the visual representation of the brand, including all digital properties such as, Lithium community and social media channels.   Dayle is a marketing executive with 17+ years experience across all marketing disciplines.  Prior to joining Lithium, he led Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications at Aruba Networks where he developed the industry leading community of Wi-Fi technical advocates, Airheads Social.  He has also held multiple marketing roles at Cisco and Oracle. Follow him on twitter @marinadazza


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So excited to welcome you, Jenn!  We could not have made a better choice. Looking forward to working together.  

Retired Community Manager

 Thank you for the warm welcome! Lithium is an amazing company and I'm excited to join such a talented team Smiley Very Happy

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Congrats on the new role, Jenn! Cat Very Happy

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Well deserved !  Looking forward to interacting with you in your new role.  I enjoyed sitting with you in the last 2 Linc events and I can't think of a more energetic person for this role.




Thanks for the overview of some of the other great Lithium staff we receive help and guidance from on the Lithium community - great to know a bit more about them and the team you are assembling here.  The Lithium community has come a long way in the last 6 years !   

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Congrats again Jenn and welcome (back)!



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Congrats again Jenn!!! 

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Congratulations @JennC 

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Hey! I've seen you here before. Great news, congrats on the new role, Jenn and looking forward for the new rapped community news video 😉

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I now understand why it is so important to be part of the top of the leaderboard at LiNC! 😉

Congratulations for the fantastic move! Lithium is so lucky to have you. Amazing experience that you are bringing to community-centric Enterprise transformation game!
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Welcome Jenn!