Your social strategy has gaps… Close them now!

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We hope you can join us for our upcoming webcast, “Your social strategy has gaps… Close them now!” with Social Marketing expert, Nate Elliot, and Lithium CMO, Katy Keim (@KatyK). Nate will share his latest research on social media management tools and the social opportunity areas for brands, while Katy will review “the truths of social marketing today” from her point of view as a modern marketer CMO.  We’ll also share a sneak peek of Lithium Reach, the latest platform that will help brands connect with customers across social channels, blogs, and online communities in one seamless tool.


For companies that truly put their customers at the center of their brand strategy, driving high engagement on social channels requires high quality content. Until now they’ve been unable to take full advantage of these social opportunities due to inefficient workflows and complex tools.


With more than $15 billion being spent on social, and studies indicating that the average social practitioner spends three hours a day across multiple social tools, delivering real results from their social investments is a business imperative. But, delivering high quality content is time intensive and just knowing when and what to post can be a guessing game that challenges brands to find ways to scale their resources and processes.


With Lithium Reach, brands will not only drive higher engagement from their social efforts, but combined with Lithium Response, it allows brands one platform to manage all customer engagement across marketing and care, putting the customer at the center of brand strategy.  It’s a product requested by customers, designed with customers, and built to advance our customers’ total community strategy:


  • Reach enables brands to increase their engagement by 25% in half the time. 
  • Reach helps brands achieve these results from data-driven recommendations, simplicity at scale, and one customer experience with an integrated approach between Marketing and Customer Service.


Save your spot now for the webcast!

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Thanks @AndrewSe you are so right about that.  Thanks for the great read 


Check it out @edaccessible and @cindycapo

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Thank you @stevekrohn for bringing this post to my attention. Are you planning on attending the webcast?

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@AndrewSe @stevekrohn @edaccessible 


Awesome read @AndrewSe thanks for sharing your expertise! 


Thanks @stevekrohn for sharing with us..  

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@AndrewSe Thanks for ;putting on the webinar this week, it was extremely helpful 


@edaccessible you might want to check out a replay.  If you need the link, let me know.

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 @stevekrohn@edaccessible, and @cindycapo.,

We're cleaning up the recording today and should have it ready to go by tomorrow. If you haven't already I highly recommend getting a copy of Nate Elliott's latest research here. Thanks for attending the webcast!

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@AndrewSe   Thanks for that update, I'll make it a point to watch it again.


I'll get the research also, thank you.


Make sure you take the time to watch and/or listen to this @edaccessible and @cindycapo

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@stevekrohn@edaccessible, and @cindycapo,


The replay is ready! Thanks for being patient and so supportive Smiley Happy


See, hear, and learn more about Reach at LiNC

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Thanks for the heads up @AndrewSe  I will be more than happy to watch and listen to it again.  The focus on the future was very good.


I do recommend it highly @edaccessible and @cindycapo

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