Are you experiencing duplicated comments in Instagram Ads Activity stream?

For the past month, we've been experiencing an issue in Khoros Marketing where for every one comment on an Instagram ad, Khoros shows us 10 duplicated comments in the Instagram Ad Activity stream. I submitted a Support Ticket in the Case Portal on November 27th and was told the engineers were investigating. They closed my support ticket and told us that the problem was that we use multiple ad sets for our Instagram ads. Their explanation was that multiple ad sets cause Khoros to show multiple comments. This makes no sense to me because comments do not carry over across ad sets. They are all separate. 

Because it's common practice to use multiple ad sets for one ad, I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this; or better yet, is not experiencing it. If it truly is not a bug within Khoros and is the result of us using multiple ad sets, then surely other people must have seen this.

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Hi @ChrisMeraki,

Did anything ever change in regards to your experience with this? I recently added IG ads and also see duplicates. However, when expanding the Item Detail panel I can see a different (Facebook) Ad ID number applied to each. I suspect this is a result of publishing ads simultaneously using Facebook's "Asset Customization" functionality where both the FB and IG ad are bundled under a single Ad ID. In my case I'm also seeing that the IG ad the comment s are posted on is not displayed, but instead says "Comment could not be found"


Hi Jeff, we're still experiencing this and I think I agree with your reasoning. It seems that Khoros is unable to recognize that boosted IG posts with more than one Ad Set/targeting group are actually just the same one post sharing the same comment section and not multiple ads. The number of duplicates in Khoros always matches the number of Ad Sets we use. We've since changed our strategy to only use 2 Ad Sets so we'll only get 2 duplicates, as that's somewhat easier to manage. We also sometimes get the "Comment could not be found" issue, but haven't been able to narrow down when/why exactly that happens.