Categories for Rejections (rejected posts)

Is it on the Khoros roadmap to add a drop-down or category selection field for rejected content/posts in Marketing? Since rejection reasons are required and right now it's an open text field, it's hard to get a sense of the true rejection reasons.

If approvers had to select a category first, it would really help when we export rejection data. This way we could better understand why posts are rejected - it would be very helpful to our organization!

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks Kristin!

Great idea, I totally get the use case. I'll check with the product team on what it would look like to create some rejection categories for the purpose of auditing post rejections.

That would be great. It's become a major ask internally, and the way we are currently doing it is very manual and not a long-term solution. I'm happy to provide a list of rejection terms as a starting point if that will help but it would also be best if they could be customized by the company admins!

I second this enhancement idea. It could help make us more efficient and be able to report out on this later to drive change and improvements. I think the open notes field is still valuable so adding categories or labeling to this area as an additional option would be helpful.