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Challenging the 2021 marketing roadmap

In February 2021 the marketing roadmap was presented by Khoros.

Until now there are several features that have not been implemented yet, even though they were announced to be released withing the next 6 months:

- LinkedIn Stories auto-import

- Instagram Link in Bio

- GIFs Support

- Content Center Subfolders


@khoros: Can you please give an update on these? 

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Dear Niklas,

Specifically related to the four items you called out of the roadmap that you have attached, I want to provide more detail so you understand our reasoning for each: 


  • GIFs support: Upon deeper investigation, further customer interviews confirmed that appetite for GIFs support was focused on moderation replies, not outbound publishing. As a result, we have removed this from our outbound publishing roadmap. It is under consideration for the engagement use case. 
  • Link in bio: We are continuing to finalize requirements, but the complexity of this feature has extended the timeline. We know many customers are excited about this and have not taken our pedal off the gas here.  Adjusted guidance is “Future” until we have more specific timing.
  • LinkedIn stories auto-import: Expanded scope beyond Linkedin to improve how we handle stories across networks. We want to build this right, and that grew scope which has delayed the delivery.   Adjusted guidance is “Future” until we have more specific timing.
  • Content Center subfolders:  This is still on our roadmap and has taken longer to deliver than originally anticipated; we understand your frustration. Recent updates are small changes that were ready for release as we make progress towards releasing content subfolders. These updates changed the user experience enough that we wanted to alert customers of their release, but we agree with you that we should have given context that these were related to content subfolders progress. We are editing this recent post to clarify. 

I fully understand the frustration with which you have written this post and I acknowledge that there have been some evolutions to our roadmap since the time that snapshot was taken.  Transparency and proactive communication is important to us and we are planning a broader communication to our entire Marketing customer base on the Atlas Marketing Blog and during the upcoming Engage customer event.  We have personally connected with your account team to have a call with you to discuss further; Kathrin will be sending a note to you to arrange a call.