Email confirmation from Social Bakers?

Did anyone else receive a confirmation email from social bakers? It wasn't generated by me so I am suspicious about what caused it.

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Khoros Staff

@jennyreineck You are right to be suspicious if you did not trigger the email.
I think you are already proceeding wisely, but please do not engage with any unexpected email that asks for personal information or to set up a password.

Okay - I checked and everyone on my team that uses Khoros received this email. It didn't ask for personal info or to set up a password but it asked to click to confirm my email. 

Does this mean that our email addresses were obtained during the hack and are now being used to try to set up other accounts? Any insight into why we all received this email now?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jenny
We continue to see aggressive phishing attacks on Khoros employees, Khoros customers, and non-Khoros customers.
We have no evidence that any Khoros customer email addresses were compromised during the recent incidents outside of the customers we have already communicated with directly.