Excluding promoted posts from organic post analytics reporting

Is there a way to exclude promoted (or boosted) posts in analytics reports so that these reports include only unpaid posts?

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Hello @bbuddenbaum

You can use content type filter under post filters to include only non-promoted posts. 

Also, the content type filter works correctly if the Ad accounts used for boosting are authenticated into the Marketing. Please refer to this article "Authenticate an Ads Account" for more information. 

Thanks for both responses. I did filter to exclude, but the report seems to be capturing a couple of posts that were promoted (not dark). I will dig deeper into settings. 

You are welcome, just to confirm, is the Ad account authenticated into marketing?
If the Ad account is not authenticated into Marketing, there is no way of knowing if a post has been boosted.

Also, I suggest you sign up for a Marketing Q&A product coaching session to clear all your queries.