Facebook Gallery (Multi-Photo) post with Multiple Captions

Hello All!

I had a question about posting multiple photos in one post on facebook (i.e. galleries similar to IG carousels)

Is it possible to post this and do multiple/individual captions for each photo in the gallery? I have been able to do this on the original platform after the fact and would love to be able to have it all done in one platform instead of jumping to multiple platforms.

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Hi @vmlyr_alex!

It is possible to share multiple photos in one post on Facebook and do multiple/individual captions for each photo. However, currently, we are facing issues with the Facebook carousel feature for the Facebook, and we have logged a JIRA ticket to address this issue. You might find the "Publish to Facebook" article quite informative.

For every image, we have these options:
  • Headline (recommended length 40 characters; limit 150 characters) - required
  • Description (recommended length 20 characters; limit 100 characters) - optional
  • Destination URL - required
  • Image - required

    Please note: Multichannel publishing is not available for Carousel posts. Selecting the Carousel post type will not allow you to cross-post your message to other social channels.


Ok Thank you for the clarification!

You are welcome!