Facebook link post issues

Hi, has anyone else had issues publishing Facebook link posts through Khoros? Several of our users have reported issues.

Some have received an error message saying 'unable to render link preview' or have been unable to customise the thumbnail; others haven't been able to publish links at all. I'm wondering if it's to do with changes Facebook has made recently (where you can only change a link post thumbnail in Creator Studio). 

Help/tips appreciated!

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I am having the same issue. I agree it is probably due to Facebook changes within creator studio but, come on Khoros, you got to get these bugs worked out. 



Following up on this thread. I'm still having issues with this across several of our websites. Does anyone have advice on how to resolve? Thanks!

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Hello! If you're experience these issues publishing then I suggest opening a support ticket since there could be many reasons why you having these issues and so support can help you out. Here's a link on how to open up a support ticket:

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