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How To Check User Adoption In Marketing

Adoption is the measure of how many people in your team are actively using the platform. Strong adoption is important for getting the maximum value from your Khoros products.

Adoption can be measured in a number of ways including:

    • The number and recency of posts published by a user. 
    • The last login date and time of a user. 
    •  The number of actions performed by a user.

All of these can be accessed in platform by a user with an Admin role.

View Last Log In

You can find the date the every user last logged in by navigating to Company Settings > Users.

Click on the … button in the top right corner to Export a list of all users and their login dates.


View Posts Published

You can easily see who’s publishing posts on a day to day basis by going to Calendar > List View then filtering for Publishing Type > Created In Khoros.


Scheduling Adoption Reports - Posts Created

You can receive regular reports on which users are publishing using the platform by going to Analytics > Data Exports > Create Export > Posts and then setting the cadence and enter your email address...



...then using the Exclude Auto Import filter to show only posts created in Khoros. 


You will then receive regular email updates on who is using the platform to publish.

Scheduling Adoption Reports - Inbox Actions

You can do the same thing for Inbox adoption by viewing which users have been completing actions. 

Analytics > Data Exports > Create Export > Stream Item Actions...


Make sure the Agent Name field is included in the report. 

You will then receive a regular report on which users have been completing actions in the inbox such as responding and assigning.


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