How does everyone manage their GIF collection for easy searching and access?

Hi everyone, new Khoros client here and working with my team to get the platform set up and organised.

How do you guys store and tag your GIFs so they are categorised and you can easily find them?

Our account lead suggested we use labels, but:

1) It doesn't appear as though you can add new labels as you add new assets (but rather go to a separate part of the system to manually add elsewhere) and;

2) We have GIFs for hundreds of individual athletes and teams to add, making it quite an onerous task at ingestion.

Does anyone out there have any pointers on how to get started managing your GIF library?

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Hi Alistair,

That is a great question to post on Atlas!

You should be able to utilize the Bulk Upload feature in the Content Centre. You can find more information in the article over here.

This will allow you to assign all of the currently created labels and upload the gifs with the labels right away.

Keep in mind, you will have to have the labels set up first before the platform will be able to recognize them and match to the uploaded CSV file. Here is the article about creating labels sets as you may want to have a separate set for GIF's only.

I wouldn't say this issue is "solved" to be honest @JustasB.

While I appreciate the guidance, this bulk upload tool requires significant preparation which is not something we have during major events, which is when we will primarily be using this function.

Ideally, the content library should support drag & drop where we can manually change titles, labels, tags etc. while the files are being uploaded (which we were able to seamlessly do on Sprinklr). And furthermore, not being able to add a label at the point of upload is awfully frustrating.

In our case, we will often receive GIFs or images from dozens of individual sports teams and players while games are being played - many of which won't be pre-loaded as labels. Having to manually go back out to our account settings and add these parameters rather than being able to do it at the point of upload is amazingly counter-intuitive (and a waste of time when time is of such importance!)

The setup in its current state is unfortunately cumbersome and not fit for our purpose.

I thank you for the considered reply but having read this, the support guides and talked with other users, I still have not found a suitable workaround or solution for bulk uploads, tagging and storage of assets that is efficient for an organisation such as ours.

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Hi Alistair, 

Thank you for your response! This looks like something that should be posted Ideas board! Feel free to post your Idea here and our product team will review it.

Ideas board is a place where all users can go in and post or Kudo the Ideas they like to get more traction on them!