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Occasional Contributor

If I post to IGTV manually, will it get pulled into Khoros?

I posted something about 20 minutes ago on IGTV and I'm not seeing it appear in Khoros. I also agree with @rpere153 that it would be nice to be able to schedule these instead of doing them manually.

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You aren't seeing your IGTV post in Khoros since IGTV content is currently unavailable in Khoros Marketing, if you have any questions I suggest contacting your Customer Success Manager.

Khoros Staff

Hi @jennyreineck

I agree with you completely! Unfortunately, the Instagram APIs do not provide any capabilities for IGTV (publishing or ingesting metrics). This is something that we have shared with our partners at Instagram, and we will be sure to let you know as soon as there is any capability available so we can work on including it in our product!

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