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Instagram Direct Messages

Hi I know that this has been raised before but is it possible to pull in Instagram Direct Messages?  

We post publicly but there are times when we need to customers to contact us privately.  Seems a little crazy if we can't??

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Bumping this to see if anyone can help?

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Facebook/Instagram still hasn't exposed Direct Messages via their API yet, so I don;t think we'll see them integrated into Khoros fo some time after that. My FB Rep told me they would be available by the end of Q1 this year and that never happened, so I've reached back out to see if they have a new time frame.

If you use Facebook Business Manager, you can connect your IG channel to that and use the Instagram Direct Inbox to respond. It's not ideal, but works as a temporary solution.



Any news on that? I'm wondering about what  @JE has already mentioned, that it's possible to answer on Instagram Direct Messages via FB Business Manager, thus it seems that there is a kind of an API between FB and Instagram. 

In my understanding there should be a chance to tap the Facebook API for some Instagram informations such as Direct Messages. 

Or is that thought too simple ;)?





Based on discussions I've had with my Facebook reps, the Instagram Direct functionality is beinging driven by interal APIs that are not yet available to the public. They have still been unable to provide me with a timeframe for when DMs will be added to the standard API.


I'm hoping that Khoros might have more insight on the timing as a FB partner so they can implement it asap when it becomes available. Otherwise I fear it would end up being part of the 2021 roadmap.