Instagram and the Inbox

Read through the Instagram Khoros documentation but some clarity is needed.

I've attached Instagram and authenticated it in our Khoros instance. I've added the Ad Activity and Organic Activity for the connected Instagram handles to a stream on the inbox. However, while organic comments show, the ad comments do not. Why?

There is also no indication of whether or not the Instagram support includes private messaging visibility. They don't show up as an option in the stream selection, so I'm guessing no, but it would be helpful for this to be clear.

Maintain visibility to Instagram is crucial our moderation processes for care and response, especially for paid efforts.

The ads run were static, not dynamic. Perhaps they are attached to the FB streams since the ads are deployed through FB's ad management engine?


Need some clarity and help to make sure we can connect this crucial channel to our care processes.


Thank you

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @JChristman, thanks for posting this question! 

In order for the Inbox to ingest Instagram Ads, you must have the Facebook Ads account that the Instagram account is connected to authenticated into the Social Marketing product.

I highly recommend reviewing our detailed Facebook Ads Authentication checklist here.

If you (or your Company Admin or Manager) would like to chat through this process, you're welcome to sign up for a Product Coaching session here

And thank you for your feedback regarding the clarity of what is/is not available in our system. As of today, Instagram private messages are not supported in Instagram's API.

I had already attached and authenticated the Facebook Ad Accounts that IG ads deploy through and they still are displaying in the stream.

Is there another reason the ad comments would not display?