Instagram authentication

Hi, we need to authenticate a newly launched Instagram account in Khoros Marketing. The account doesn't have an associated Facebook page, nor do we plan to create one. There isn't an appropriate Facebook page we can link the account to. What do you recommend? Any tips appreciated! 

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi there @elizatickle! In order to support Instagram authentication into the Social Marketing product, your Instagram account must be set up as a business profile, which means it must be tied to a Facebook page as per their API. You can read more about the requirements for authentication in our article:

Instagram authentication checklist for Marketing 

You can also read more about this on Instagram's website.

As far as best practices go, I'll leave this open to discussion if there are any tricks or tips other teams have when it comes to creating and not using a Facebook page for the purpose of creating an Instagram business profile.