Is it possible to add a LinkedIn Personal Account Stream to Inbox?

In Inbox, when adding Streams, only Company pages are accessible to Streams. Are personal accounts not able to be added to Streams? Is there a workaround?

Anyone else manage personal LI channels? How do you manage listening/responding for those accounts?


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I was once posting to our CEOs personal LinkedIn account and I authenticated that account it in the tool just like a business page. This enabled me to schedule posts. I do not recall the Streams side of things but think it would be the same Streams available for other LinkedIn accounts.

I have never tried to add a LinkedIn stream of a person/influencer for listening/engaging. The LinkedIn API seems so much more limited.


We learned from Khoros that while we can connect LinkedIn personal accounts to Khoros for publishing, we cannot use Streams and therefore cannot listen to or respond to items on personal accounts. - Karen