Item Notifications - Full SM Platform Message and Photos

When a user is assigned a piece of content and they are sent a notification, is it possible for all the message text to be included, or is there a cap on the number of characters sent in the notification as longer posts seem to be cut off. 

Also, when a user is assigned a piece of content that is only a photo, is it possible for the photo to be included in the notification email so that colleagues without Khoros access can view the notification? 

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Khoros Staff

@USPVTeam Item text on the email notification is limited to the first 300 characters. If the post has more than 300 characters, the user will have to click on 'View Item' on the email and see the post on the platform.

As for, including image on the email notification, it's a great idea! I would recommend submitting this idea on our Idea board here. The product team will read and respond if this can be implemented.


Agreed, this would be a very helpful platform improvement for escalations and communications to team members in and outside of Khoros.