Khoros Marketing - Deleted Users and Care analytics

If I have to remove a user from Khoros marketing who was involved in one of care teams, will that users legacy data still show up in the care dashboards? I just want to confirm that if I remove a user that actions related to that user or the volume of actions he/she did on the team they were on will not be affected. It appears they might be and that would be a pretty major fault in the data collection/ analytic dashboards. 

Khoro apps need a "disable user" option so you can release the licensed seat without deleting the user acct outright. 



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Khoros Staff

If the Care account was in Response, the user will remain; the seat will be released. When running future Agent Activity reports you can select "show disabled" or "hide disabled." Recommended is "Show" since hiding effectively "changes history." In other words, if you team answered 100 posts yesterday, and Bob did ten of those, and then you remove Bob today, hiding Bob will report 90 posts *yesterday.* Showing Bob will shows yesterday's work as it really happened (100 posts.)

In both cases, Bob's seat is now free for another (new) agent to use. 


Dave Evans


I'm glad to hear you have the option to maintain the removed users in the response analytics.

However, where is this option to "Show"/"hide" in the care dashboards or the custom reports? I do not see this option currently.

Also, this answer makes it appear there is a "disable" option to remove a user. I don't see this option in the user administration settings.

Please advise. Thank you.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @JChristman. Just wanted to close the loop here after our Product Coaching session and confirm that @DaveEv is referring to a different product than the one you are currently using. There is not currently a hide option for users within the Social Marketing product.

If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend adding your idea to the Marketing Product Ideas board!