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Khoros users can't access

as admin, I was able to reset my password and get access but then there was a message to come to Atlas to make sure all users can get access but I don't see any information on this here



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there is also no information on how to unpause the publishing so we can use the tool again


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@sharontaniguch hoping by now that you're in and ok. If not:

This post covers the overall details we emailed out, along with first things to check for and do, and this article should cover you for how to pause/unpause in your environment. 



@DanCr just tried to click on the link to unpause our accounts and was given the access denied response. Please advise. We haven't been able to use Khoros since last week.Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 6.14.56 PM.png

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @akstoneall, I've made a quick update and you should now be able to access documentation through that link. I hope that helps speed up getting back up and running.