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From time to time our client ask our social media team to compare the performance of one campaign against another one. We didn't have an specific answer for that, until we discovered that we can label on the calendar every content that we would like to get data from. At first it was just about campaigns, but then we realize that we can label content on the calendar with different criterias to get different perspectives about the performance on social media. For example: types of products, products against each other, campaigns, different types of content, different activations on those campaigns, among other creative ways of getting data on our marketing dashboards. This new asset is allowing our team to get more insights about everything we are doing on social media. But it is also helping our client to take important business decisions based on a much more specific information.

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That's great! We use labels similarly to not only filter our analytics by campaign but by  content type.

That's so nice to hear Lauren. Thank you for sharing!

One thing I would suggest is to ensure due diligence with your labelling implementation. in other words, have a single person applying labels (for consistency), or ensure it is clear what content is labelled what.

Having only a certain % of content labelled, and correctly, is a danger in itself 🙂 Your insights will be as strong as your data mining!

Best of luck!


That is a great point Steven. We have two people doing it weekly and we are doing well with each of them labeling two social networks. 

Khoros Staff

Yea, labels are so powerful. Thanks for highlighting how you use them, @ldiorio 

Also worth pointing out that you can add labels retroactively in your calendar by going into list view, selecting posts that share a label and then adding the label. 

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You could even filter for unlabelled posts and then add labels to all unlabelled content. 


Pro tip: If some team members still post content outside Khoros Marketing, you can configure label rules to attach labels automatically based on keywords, format, account or channel. Learn more here
Please note that you need to auto-import external content for this feature to work. Check your social accounts in admin:

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That's great to hear Sebastian. Our team does not use the platform for publishing, everything is being auto-imported and manually labeled. So we are definetly going to consider auto-labeling rules for that task. Thank you for sharing!

Perfect use case for you then. Let us know how it works for you, it's a relatively new feature!!!